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Meet our chef Nikos Pouliasis

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“Cooking is an adventure and it’s a road full of options». The controversial, creative, imaginative, Nikos Pouliasis, for the past 26 years suggests his adventures in the field of high-level gastronomy. “In cooking there is no perfection. The moment that the cook creates a dish and says, that’s it, I got it, the same moment he creates his limits, in order to surpass them the next time. And you must surpass them. If you make your self to believe that what you created is perfect, then there will be no evolution…”.

He is been distinguished worldwide for his sui generis cuisine, which has offered him many awards. Famous people from all over the world have enjoyed the creative dishes and the selected wines at Koukoumvalos restaurant, at the elegant sea captain’s house of the 19th century, which depicts the personality of its chef and vibrates every night from his music choices. Restless, friendly and in love with cooking, the music and Sandorini Island, the chef looks like a maestro who performs perfectly, every night with his colleagues, his play.

The Chef and Santorini

…Many years now both of them look like as if they are dancing a tango, sometimes following the rules and some others by improvising in such way that no other partner could follow. And this is what makes them inseparable! “In Santorini, I owe the continuous reformation of my dishes and the new suggestions that appear in the menu each year. The phrase, ‘there is nothing more permanent than the temporary’, fits perfectly both with the case of Santorini and my cooking… My relationship with Santorini is extraordinary. What does this island mean to me could not be explained with social, psychological or historical terms. In my case there is something more than the reasonable explanations: It Is the way that the notion of decay and death is revealed to you and how it gets through you. Wherever you may roam you get the feeling of the definite and at the same time you realize that you feel reborn, because you have experienced it and you have understood it. You feel that you are important because you felt it”.

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