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Read critics of food experts about Chef Nikos Pouliasis and Koukoumavlos.

“The island is a canvas for discovery, both personal and experiential, and this is the quintessential spirit at the core of Koukoumavlos, which offers adventurous diners a sense of discovery and experimentation with food. A quick glance at the menu highlights dishes like pork filet encrusted with wild mushrooms served with a coffee and fig sauce or lamb/beef kabobs with a Bloody Mary and ouzo sauce. This is definitely a restaurant where the chef breaks the rules. Take, for example, the amuse bouche – a gelee of pumpkin with orange rind and a parmesan, hazelnut foam. Talk about a set up for surprises.  Soup follows, of course: a veloute of Peruvian potatoes with kumquat and lemongrass served with a dollop of scallop mousse scented with jasmine.  These tiny dalliances with haute cuisine are what separate Koukoumavlos from the rest of the pack and put the establishment on an entirely different level.

In business for over 27 years on the island (which must be almost a record), the chef and owner, Nikos Pouliasis, is renowned for his artistry with food. He is a master at using commonplace ingredients and complementing them with deep and surprising Greek flavors that yield unique and delicious results. “It’s a rich island,” Nikos offers as way of explanation for his out of the box culinary strengths. Thus, it’s no wonder that Nikos has won the highly yearned for Toques d’Or (Golden Hat) for severalconsecutive years. We fell for the spaghetti bolognaise from the menu, not your typical spaghetti and meat sauce, but instead a fusion of beef tartar and tomato sauce with red wine in a cinnamon clove, lemon and parmesan sauce.  Of course, no meal at Koukoumavlos is complete without something to satisfy the sweet tooth and the Vinsanto flavored dark chocolate mousse served with black olive and cocoa paste, mango sauce and a few morsels of blue Iranian salt is a wonder.  As Nikos himself likes to say, “Perfection comes with time,” and a taste of Koukoumavlos will show you that indeed, it has.

Cecile Raubenheimer

“A deep salmon pink beckons the lucky diner that ventures down the long staircase to Koukoumavlos Restaurant in Fira, Santorini. Located near the Metropolis at the quiet, eastern corner of Fira, the restaurant was once an 18th century sea captain’s abode. The color of this spectacular restaurant on the sea reminded me first of Santa Fe, New Mexico, that is until I looked out at that expanse of deep blue sea. If you’ve ever been to Santorini then you know what I mean, the Aegean goes on forever and is always just a glance away”.

Thom Meintel from Travelsquire.com

“Nikos Pouliasis is a great sauce man, who knows how to couple an unbridled imagination with sense of measure: Try the masterpiece listed as crayfish with white chocolate-ginger-lemon sauce and we guarantee you will be raving. The exciting Cabernet Sauvignon rose sauce looks like a tender blush wine syrup and goes perfectly with the princely lamb.
The fabulous jus of cream, ouzo and anise is an expression of a gastronomic aesthetic that combines harmony, delicasy and strength, and marries perfectly with crayfish, prawns, mussels and impeccably al dente fresh pappardelle. The souse of sweet Samian Nectar goes with the delectable filets of quail and grilled oyster mushrooms. The black rissoto of cuttlefish and retsina, served with basil pesto and Parmesan, is a luscious specialty with a sweet succulence. The kataifi with Greek cheeses, flavoured with vanilla in a mandarin-wild blueberry sause is another of Pouliasis’ fabulous extravaganzas.
Well-stocked cellar. Extraordinary view of Fira, and superb, romantic dining rooms”.

From travel-to-santorini.com

“Koukoumavlos is known for the exquisite cuisine that the chef Nikos Pouliasis cares for. From the romantic dining rooms you will have the opportunity to gaze at the extraordinary view of Fira and try gourmet dishes such as the crayfish with the white chocolate-ginger-lemon sauce, princely lamb with Cabernet Sauvignon rose sauce, jus of cream, ouzo and anise and black risotto of cuttlefish and retsina wine, served with pesto and Parmesan. The idyllic environment and excellent cuisine are combined with the best possible service which make the place ideal for your wedding reception”

From Santorini.weddings.com

“About Koukoumavlos
Providing beautiful views of Fira town, awarded restaurant Koukoumavlos is one of the most famous in Santorini for its amazing setting, design, eclectic dining and romantic atmosphere. Offering a contemporary Mediterranean cuisine by awarded chef Nikos Pouliasis, the menu dishes proposed mixing Greek and French inspired flavors resemble to creative art pieces that provide true delightful sensations. Santorinian fava with smoked trout, lobster and monkfish terrine with anchovy caviar sour cream in forest fruit tea sauce, grilled beef fillet with potato puree flavored with bergamot, flirt with the spectacular views of the cobalt blue Caldera to offer an enchanting gastronomic evening”

From cycladia.com